Woman talks about her platinum wedding anniversary

A devoted couple relished their platinum wedding anniversary. Now it is hard to believe that she is the same lady who got a telegram in World War Two stating that her partner had died in the war.

Abingdon couple Norman and Barbara Samuels tied the knot in January 1946, just after Norman, now 94, got back to England after being caught as a prisoner of war.
But only weeks before, his love Barbara, now 89, was informed by telegram that Norman had died when his fighter jet was shot down over the Netherlands during the fight of Arnhem.
The letters that the couple gave each other during that war period were cut up and used as paper at their wedding, but Barbara Samuels always had that telegram which claimed Norman had been taken away from her.
She said that she came to know that Norman had been shot down over Arnhem and that his squadron believed that he was dead. His mom then got a telegram that she passed on to her. It was a real shock for her when she received a call from Norman when she was at work. He just could not believe that it was him on the other end of the telephone. After six weeks, he was picked up by her from Newbury.
After Norman came back from war, he had thirteen weeks of break and they tied the knot just after the wedding of his brother. Norman said that he still remembers their first dance.

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