Mike Karpow – football player to wedding planner

Mike Karpow was once a university football player when he was labeled jokingly a mercenary for his chippy playing fashion. After he called it a day on the professional sports scene, the hulking 6-foot-4 player worked in the trucking industry and in some way went from that crude and tumble world to become a dedicated daddy of 3 girls. He now works as a wedding planner.

He has now got a new nickname Mr. Hollywood, showcasing the name of the company he established with his wife of twenty-one years, Lori Karpow. The couple introduced their company Hollywood Weddings & Megastar Events Inc. in 1997 as a part-time business. However, it soon became a top-notch player in the business. It was Lori’s creativity as well as Mike’s organizational and sales skills that led to the company being had in the US publication, World Class Weddings.


Lori told www.timhenselphotography.com that Mike was very outgoing, very personable. Grooms and brides found him easy and funny to talk to. He was quite good at making new contacts. He was also great at all the slugging and lugging necessary when loading gear in or out of functions. In spite of this unforeseen destiny, Mike had not really shown any kind of interest in planning fancy events.

Peter Karpow, his brother, recalled that his brother was always hard-working. Mike was offered a sports scholarship to an university in the United States, but it was not a good fit for Mike, so he came back home.

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