Man surprises his wife with ‘second wedding’

It is time to deal with the fact that some husbands are just better when it comes to making plans for their wives on the special occasions. And to prove that point, there is no batter path to show that point than to introduce people to Steven. The man from Atlanta wanted to surprise his wife Kelli with something different and big on their 10th anniversary. Well he really delivered.

The whole event was sealed by wedding videography group at the Iris Films. As Kelli drew close to her house, a friend who was with her said that she would have worn a blindfold for the rest of the walk towards her home. Hearing that Kelli told that whether this would go on the net or not.

And her friend replied that this could be viral. After she arrived home, her friend took Kelli upstairs to wear something formal. Then Kelli was led outside and her blindfold came-off.  There was Steven who told that he wanted to show her with her actions how much he loves her.

After that, Steven’s wife saw a seventy five piece marching band as well as an a cappella group crooning, “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Kelli and Steven’s daughters show up with a sign which says: “Will you marry me… again?” Family members and close friends filled in the place and they joined together as the pair renewed their wedding vows.

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