The Much Awaited Wedding of Alberto “Tico” Mugrabi and Colby Jordan Is Going to Happen Finally

Alberto “Tico” Mugrabi is going to wed Colby Jordan, a fashion blogger, in a grand ceremony at the famous Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc which is located in Antibes of France.

The list of the wedding guests is a pretty long one andconsists of some famous and big names of the society. Around 600 guests are coming to join the party. People who are expected to attend the wedding are famous art dealers Tony Shafrazi and Larry Gagosian, and the famous oil business tycoon John Hess along with his wife Susan. Art collector and real estate business person Aby Rosen will also be there with his better half Samantha Boardman. Real estate broker Serena Boardman with her husband John Theodoracopulos will too come to the party.

According to some sources, there will be a pre-wedding dinner bash for all at the popular and luxurious restaurant Tetou. Mr. Jose Mugrabi, the father of Alberto Mugrabi, has said that this wedding is going to be safe for everyone as he has ensured high-security arrangements for themselves and guests.

Woman talks about her platinum wedding anniversary

A devoted couple relished their platinum wedding anniversary. Now it is hard to believe that she is the same lady who got a telegram in World War Two stating that her partner had died in the war.

Abingdon couple Norman and Barbara Samuels tied the knot in January 1946, just after Norman, now 94, got back to England after being caught as a prisoner of war.
But only weeks before, his love Barbara, now 89, was informed by telegram that Norman had died when his fighter jet was shot down over the Netherlands during the fight of Arnhem.
The letters that the couple gave each other during that war period were cut up and used as paper at their wedding, but Barbara Samuels always had that telegram which claimed Norman had been taken away from her.

Wedding day sweet touch with Pez dispensers

A lady who owns one of the largest collections of Pez sweets dispensers in United Kingdom has stated that she is very fanatic about the toys and she even had a customized pair on her wedding cake. Norfolk native Kelle Blyth, 29, has approximately three-thousand dispensers of various sizes and characters, including some archetype pieces that date back to the 1950s.

Her very first one was a Miss Piggy-themed piece offered to her when she was fourteen and, fifteen years after, she boasts her Pez army. Mrs Blyth told that her parents used to purchase them for her as rewards, but as she got older, the collection was sent to a box in the attic.

Mike Karpow – football player to wedding planner

Mike Karpow was once a university football player when he was labeled jokingly a mercenary for his chippy playing fashion. After he called it a day on the professional sports scene, the hulking 6-foot-4 player worked in the trucking industry and in some way went from that crude and tumble world to become a dedicated daddy of 3 girls. He now works as a wedding planner.

He has now got a new nickname Mr. Hollywood, showcasing the name of the company he established with his wife of twenty-one years, Lori Karpow. The couple introduced their company Hollywood Weddings & Megastar Events Inc. in 1997 as a part-time business. However, it soon became a top-notch player in the business. It was Lori’s creativity as well as Mike’s organizational and sales skills that led to the company being had in the US publication, World Class Weddings.


Dave Gahan hits Israel for his son’s wedding

UK electronic band Depeche Mode’s lead singer Dave Gahan reached in Israel earlier on Friday morning for a special occasion – it was his son Jack’s wedding to local girl Sigal Memis. The wedding ceremony happened earlier on Sunday at Caesarea banquet hall in front of two-hundred invitees as well as countless security guards and it all started with the couple staying under the wedding canopy in the sunset.

The relationship between Memis and Gahan Jr. started over 6 years ago when Jack decided that he would join his dad’s gig tour in Israel earlier in 2009. He met Sigal, who hails from the northern city of Nahariya, as he was hanging out with the group members at a nightclub in Tel Aviv. Since that time, Sigal went to London and the pair has been keeping their relationship away from the limelight.

Singer Dave Gahan and his boy spent the weekend with Memis’ family in Nahariya. On Saturday night, he came back to the luxury Herzliya hotel where he was staying in. Jack’s mom also came in Israel for the wedding and she even got some the time to tour Jerusalem.

Man surprises his wife with ‘second wedding’

It is time to deal with the fact that some husbands are just better when it comes to making plans for their wives on the special occasions. And to prove that point, there is no batter path to show that point than to introduce people to Steven. The man from Atlanta wanted to surprise his wife Kelli with something different and big on their 10th anniversary. Well he really delivered.

The whole event was sealed by wedding videography group at the Iris Films. As Kelli drew close to her house, a friend who was with her said that she would have worn a blindfold for the rest of the walk towards her home. Hearing that Kelli told that whether this would go on the net or not.